The Lexee's Legacy Story

A Blanket of Hope and New Beginnings
Lexee's Legacy is a non-profit animal rescue group that provides a blanket of hope for homeless pets along with sanctuary and care for those in harms way. Organized in 2000, Lexee's Legacy has provided medical care, shelter and love for homeless dogs and cats in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. To date, Lexee's Legacy has helped more than 600 dogs and cats find their "new beginning."

Lexee's Legacy is a tribute to the life of Lexee, our co-founders' dog, a beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Lexee was such a special part of their lives, and gave them so much love, that they wanted to give something back by helping other animals.

In our mission for no more homeless pets, Lexee's Legacy is focused on. . .
A Sanctuary For Care and Love
Lexee's Legacy currently cares for more than 150 homeless animals at a temporary facility on sixty acres of land in Celina, TX as well as in foster homes. This land was donated to Lexee's Legacy and a program has been launched to build a state-of-the art sanctuary on this land.

Some animals have a short stay at Lexee's Legacy, while others have a longer wait for their next home. We provide medical care, food, shelter, and of course, love to all animals. We are a "for-life" rescue group. Some of our dogs and cats, for various reasons, may never be adopted. We will provide these animals with care and love for the rest of their lives. We also are the proud fosters of many special needs animals including senior dogs and cats, dogs with only three legs, blind or deaf animals, and cats with feline leukemia.

Creating New Beginnings
Lexee's Legacy's goal is to place 100% of our dogs and cats into loving homes. We hold weekly mobile adoptions at sites throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. To facilitate our adoptions, Lexee's Legacy has purchased a 26-foot mobile adoption bus to transport animals in safety and comfort.

The right fit is everything. Specially trained adoption coordinators ensure that there is a good fit between our animals and prospective families.

Community Education
Lexee's Legacy cannot accomplish its goal of no more homeless pets alone. The whole community must be involved. We, along with other rescue organizations, community groups, corporations, and local cities, are working together to educate the community about the importance of spaying and neutering pets, providing programs for homeless pets, and raising the awareness of the growing homeless pet situation in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
Homeless pets are an issue for the whole community, and with the community's assistance, Lexee's Legacy will make a difference.


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